Congress Passes a Bill to Make Health Care More Affordable for Millions of Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Their Loved Ones

August 10, 2022

ACS CAN volunteers sent tens of thousands of messages to members of Congress, posted to social media, and made phone calls--and it made a difference. Thank you for your hard work to make this happen!  

We applaud Congress for taking this important step to address affordability in Medicare and ACS Marketplace plans through the Inflation Reduction Act. The bill caps Medicare Part D prescription drug costs, which means that more cancer patients and survivors have affordable access to the treatment they need. 

The bill also extends the Affordable Care Act expanded tax credits for three years, which will provide continued relief for millions of Americans, including individuals facing a cancer diagnosis and those at risk of developing the disease.   

These are extraordinary victories, but we still have work to do.  

Unfortunately, the bill fails to address the Medicaid Coverage Gap, which denies more than 2 million Americans access to the lifesaving health coverage they need. Of those in the coverage gap, 60% are people of color, the majority of whom live in the South. This is a serious health equity issue and one that our lawmakers cannot afford to ignore. Where you live should not determine if you live.  

Together, we will keep fighting to close the Medicaid coverage gap and make the expanded tax credits permanent.

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