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This revolutionary new field is widely considered to be the future of all cancer treatment.

Cellular immunotherapy harnesses the body’s natural immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells.

Until recently, the most common forms of cancer treatment have been surgery, radiation and chemotherapy; often referred to as slash, burn and poison- all devastating effects on the body.

Immunotherapy is different. Normally, the immune system naturally detects and cleans up damaged or dead cells. However, cancerous cells (while dangerous and harmful to the body) effectively go unnoticed by the immune system. The cancer cells communicate to immune cells through chemical exchange, telling the immune cells that they are normal, healthy cells. This stops the cells from triggering an immune response, allowing the cancerous cells to continue to spread.

Immunotherapy treatments aid the immune system in identifying the cancer cells as a threat, allowing the immune system to trigger an immune response and attack the cancer cells, anywhere in the body.

Once the cancerous cells are eliminated, the immune system will continue to protect against any recurrences. This method universally protects the body, targeting only cancer cells with a powerful, lasting response.