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Our Approach

By bringing innovative ideas to life, we can make an incredible impact, and in a shorter period of time. The goal is to end cancer, once and for all, through smarter and bolder research.

The JPH Foundation funds a scientific team focused on translational research; which ‘translates’ fundamental scientific discoveries into actual medical treatments, and practice.

In traditional cancer treatment development, there are many isolated stages performed by separate teams. The average time it takes a treatment to get from research lab to the medicine cabinet is 12 years. We can do better.

The Translational Bridge Program merges a research scholar, a basic scientist, and a clinician. This approach generates better ideas, more quickly and efficiently.

In looking to future research initiatives, we proudly support some of the country’s most talented leaders in cancer research by aligning with Northwestern University. Our inaugural Scholars, Dr. Meeks (L) and Dr. Miller forged an interdisciplinary collaboration to further our understanding of the environment in which the immune system interacts with cancer cells. Promising discoveries made here give momentum to global impact.